Fit or not, Pole can be done by anyone. Our Intro to Pole courses are designed for the absolute novice and introduce you to the foundations of pole, where we can build your strength gradually from the first week.

Of course not! We’ve taught students from 17 up to 60+. Age makes no difference, just a positive can do attitude. If you are under 16, we do require parent/guardian consent prior to joining pole courses only.

All classes and courses run for an hour unless specified. Within the hour you will complete 10 minutes of warm up, followed by learning tricks, spins and combos. We then finish our classes with a strength drill and a gentle 5 minute stretch to cool down.

The beauty of our classes are that they are small in size. We only ever have 8 girls maximum in our class so our instructors can give you the one on one attention you deserve.

We pride ourselves in technique, therefore our small classes are more likely to get you where you want to be quicker, unlike bigger classes where instructors are limited in assisting you.

If you miss a class, we allow you to make it up in another class that is of similar or below your current level.

We ask students to keep makeups to 1 per course due to classes being small in size. If students require a make up and classes are at capacity, you will be placed on a waitlist until spaces open in order to use the makeup class.

Makeup classes must be booked and confirmed with reception staff. They also must be used by the end of the current course students are enrolled in.

Our Pole Basics class is the best option for you tor trial a pole class. The class is $25 and gives you an insight into what you’ll learn in the first few weeks of pole.

We show you fun, awesome, inspiring pole tricks where you will know whether it is something you want to get hooked on. If you decide to join at the end of the class, we’ll give you a 10% discount on any Intro to Pole course you join.

This is a common question we often get from students wanting to progress and assist their pole training. We often encourage students to try our casual classes we have on offer, which are designed to compliment polers in their training.

All of our instructors are pole dancers too, and understand the specific body conditioning that students need in order to help progress their pole skills and remain injury free.

However, if you cannot get to the studio, we encourage body weight training primarily. Pole is mostly working with your own body weight, therefore, any other activities that incorporates this, we highly recommend.

Nothing major happens when learning pole, however we do warn people that pole bruising (pole kisses) and pole burns are apart of the trade. Bruising is often never felt and only seen briefly on the skin after class.

Pole burns tend to only occur on the wrists and palms from gripping the pole during class. As you get used to the pole, these tend to disappear as the skin becomes more tolerant to your new activity.

You can book our courses through any of the links online.

These will redirect you to our Mind Body site where you will find a list of all our casual classes and courses available to sign up for.

You can also book by:

  • calling the studio and speaking to our lovely reception staff
  • sending us an email
  • contact us via social media
  • fill out the contact form on the website and we’ll contact you

Please note: We do require full payment for all classes and courses at the time of booking.

Our courses are run and structured on a 4 week term. Courses can not be joined on a casual class basis as they are limited in numbers. Please confirm your  purchase prior to making payment as we don’t offer refunds due to change of mind.

If you have any questions in regard to courses/casual classes, please contact us.